Bible Holiness Church


The Bible Holiness Church of Christiansburg, Virginia is an independent church committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus was God’s Son, sent to earth to be the ultimate sacrifice for man’s sin. We believe that Jesus died on the cross at Calvary and that He arose from the dead and is now in Heaven. We believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection provided a way for ALL people to have their sins forgiven and to be given the hope of eternal life. We also believe that God will sanctify the heart of the believer, giving him/her the power to live a pure Christian life every day. We use the King James Version of the Holy Bible, feeling that it provides the most accurate version of the holy scriptures.

It is our goal to reach and win as many individuals as possible for Christ. We want to help people learn of salvation from sin and help them get started on their journey toward Heaven.

We are a friendly congregation and are always excited to welcome newcomers into our services. Everyone is invited and is welcome.


We offer Sunday School classes for all ages, from small child to adult. Each children’s class is staffed by a very capable teacher and a teacher’s assistant. Together they provide a very cheerful atmosphere of learning for our children and young folks.

We also offer a non-staffed baby nursery to meet the needs of our young parents. On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, we offer evening Children’s Services at 6:00 pm. The children’s service usually consists of singing, story-telling, and crafts. During this time there is a Bible Study for youth and adults. 

Meet The Pastor


Dwayne grew up in Shawsville, Virginia. Dwayne’s parents became Christians when he was a very young child and they took Dwayne and his brothers and sister to church regularly. Dwayne became a Christian and received the call from God to preach when he was 13 years old. His first sermon was about seven minutes long!

Dwayne preached at his dad’s church until he married Becky in 1989. Before coming to Christiansburg to pastor, Dwayne was the pastor of the Bland Bible Church in Bland County, Virginia. He served as pastor for those wonderful people for 10 years. During that time, Dwayne served several years as the Youth President for the Bible Methodist Connection of Tennessee and was involved in numerous youth meetings and conventions.

Then, Dwayne felt called of God to accept the pastorate of Bible Holiness Church in Christiansburg, Virginia. He has been working in that position since January 2005.

Dwayne has always been dedicated to God and to His service. Being a preacher and pastor is not just a job for him; it’s his whole life! He truly cares about people and it is his desire to help as many as he can make it to Heaven.

(Written by Becky Martin)

The Bible Holiness Church